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About us

Our company

VISIONHIRE LTD the many years of successful presence in the Cyprus market redefines the concepts of stability and reliability with the professional and personal service focusing on the needs of its customers and its partners.


Main Activities


  • Importing and distributing of electrical household appliances, audio, visual and high tech products.
  • Retailing and servicing both the local market and British forces branded products
  • Contractual obligations for the private, commercial and government sector.
  • Professional equipment, Projectors, Public Display Screens
  • Digital Signage & Cooperate solutions.     


Our history

VISIONHIRE Ltd was first established in 1964 under the name Electro Acoustic Suppliers. The company was based in Episkopi (British Bases) and warehouse in Limassol. Main activity was sales and rentals of music and audio visual equipment.
In 1974, the company expanded in the rental of domestic appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, freezers and televisions, an activity that continues until today.
In 1979 the company changed its name to what is now known as «Visionhire Limited».
In 1981 opened a branch in Akrotiri followed by another branch in 1983 in Berengaria Polemidia, which ended only when the site was abandoned. In 1985 the company opened a new branch in Dhekelia giving the opportunity to serve all island’s British Bases, which ended in 2018.


The need for expansion has seen the company establishing a wholesale distribution based in Limassol, and by 1985 the company’s aim was to serve the local market for household electrical appliances, audio and video, air conditioners, small appliances, telephony and multimedia computing.

In 1996 the company opened a retail shop in Limassol aiming towards the local market, in its own building that houses one of the warehouses and a workshop for the repair of electrical items.

In 2000 began a cooperation with SONY HELLAS A.E. now Sony Europe Limited (acting as the sole importer and distributor of SONY products) and VISIONHIRE LTD resulted as establishing the first official SONY CENTER in Cyprus followed by a second one in Nicosia in 2006. Following the market trends and developments, attending seminars on new products and technology and pioneering in its field the company has been awarded many times.

In 2008 Visionhire starts cooperation with the BSH Hellas AV dealers in household appliances and air conditions. Brands SIEMENS, BOSCH, NEFF and PITSOS resulting as a further establishment not only in the high tech products bud in the home appliances as well.

In 2014 Visionhire starts a more dynamic relationship with Professional Solutions Europe, a division of Sony Europe B.V, dealing with Home Cinema projectors, Education Presentation Projectors, Professional Displays Screens, Corporate Solutions (TEOS) and Digital Signage solutions (TDM).

In 2017 Visionhire starts cooperation with MIELE HELLAS E.P.E CY dealers in household appliances MIELE


Products and Services

  • Sales of laptops computers and computer accessories.
  • Supply and installation of videoconferencing equipment (projectors, electric / manual screens, and interactive boards).
  • Supply and installation of audio systems and PA equipment (public announcement) with a variety of ceiling , indoor or outdoor speakers. 
  • Sales & Repairs of Household appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, ovens)
  • Air-conditioning
  • Repair of electrical gadgets and appliances (TVs, DVD players, Hi-Fi, projectors washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, vacuum cleaners, fans, electric heaters, toasters, irons, lawn mowers, etc.)
  • Hiring Appliances (household washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, videos, DVD players, stereos, projectors, digital cameras, etc.).
  • Professional Equipment Home Cinema projectors, Educational and cooperate Projectors, Laser Projectors, Public Display Screens, Digital signage solutions.                        


Warehousing and Distribution

Currently there are three shops, two warehouses and two workshops supporting sales and repairs allowing  the company to have direct access to all areas of the island quickly and easily. With our express delivery service dealing with emergency requirements throughout the island responding the same day or within 24 hours
With the years of experience and knowledge to keep sufficient stock to be able to respond to demand. We believe we have gained

Quality Assurance

Great importance is always applied to quality and our continued investment in skilled personnel and testing equipment to ensure the highest standards of quality and control.
All spare parts and goods used in the execution of repairs and maintenance is of high standards and comply with all safety standards and EU regulations.

The management and staff of Visionhire Ltd would like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving us the chance to be at your service.


After all we consider


the DUST you leave behind after visiting our shops to be a GOLD DUST